Bermuda web site of the week: Royal Gazette

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The Royal Gazette's web site is our Editor's choice for Bermuda web site of the week. Its easy navigation, well-linked related articles, making the online surfing experience very easy. Even better is the site's intergration of breaking news alerts. 4 out of 5 stars!


  1. What’s the URL for this website?


  2. This is a joke right?

    • Why would it be a joke?

  3. Because it’s a terrible site and I can’t understand why you would be promoting it if you are a competitor?

    Your site looks pretty good so one would assume that you have taste and understand what makes a good website.

    • I appreciate your point. However, I do believe in calling a spade, a “spade”. Yes, that site is not the best, but it’s a site most of us use day to day.

      I generally find it easy to navigate.

      But I understand where you’re coming from. Cheers.

  4. Oh dear. B is right. The Royal Gazette’s site is terrible!

    I’ll write a list of things wrong with it as I navigate around…

    1. The main menu – way too busy. Too many items, so hard to read.

    2. Adverts – How many terrible adverts can one site have? All that movement from the animations puts me off my reading. Adverts in the middle of copy. That’s an accident waiting to happen when the advert is inappropriate for the article.

    3. Broken/strange links – Top left of the screen is a link to the electronic edition. Firstly, what version am I looking at now, if not the electronic version? Secondly, it opens up in a new window with the weather page. Clicking the ‘Contact us’ link in the top right goes to the same weather page. As do almost all links under Online Services and Newspaper Services. They must REALLY want us to look at that weather! The Death & Funeral Notices page takes an age to load. So much so I closed the window the first time because I thought it was broken.

    4. Formatting – Text overlapping. Text shooting past the edge of the site. Text being indented here and there, but sometimes not. Broken images. Whole sections of text in bold, not so hot for reading. Images of all sizes and qualities. Gaps here and there. Text of different fonts and sizes. Long titles made up of all uppercase letter.

    5. Search – Advanced searches are great, but a simple box on every page is the first place I want to try. Their search page is overly complex. There is a piece of media on the site titled ‘Jury sees video of alleged shooting on Court Street’. Try finding that via the search! Search for ‘court street’, the first two results point to empty pages.

    6. Misc – Media just placed in the page with no copy to explain it. Sharing content on Facebook results in odd copy and sometimes the wrong image entirely.

    All that on a quick flick through the site!

    Using it day-to-day doesn’t make it good. Emoo was terrible for a long time but the service behind it worked for us.

    I should point out, I run a company developing websites so I do expect more, but still, Website Of The Week? No chance ;)

  5. Yeah I have to say I’m not overly keen on the Royal Gazette site either, it’s a little to busy for my liking, but thats not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on your view.

    I do find adverts and animated graphics rather annoying and it seems there are a lot of ad images on there which are flashing about.

    I have to be honest in saying I didn’t venture much past the first page other than to see if it improved.

    Not personally to my liking.

    Perhaps your readers should be suggesting sites of interest and then perhaps putting it to the vote, you would only include maybe the 5 most suggested websites every week, nominated sites would then not be eligible for submission until the following month to give other sites a fair chance of participating. Would be great for user interaction, websites that get top spot would also more than likely be willing to mention this to their users, a good way to promote your site. ;-)

    Perhaps some of the readers here might even like to venture into some article publications themselves?

    As a developer/designer someone like Adrian would perhaps make an interesting writer. I remember a few years ago when I bought magazines that in one of them there would be a site review every edition but there were 5 reviewers all giving their feedback and ratings along with an overall average score which would feature as the the front part of the article. The layout was basic, site image and description along with overall scores in design, navigation, readability, access (disabled access) and then images of the reviewers alongside their review and personal score given.

    Food for thought. :-)

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