Web site of the week: Bermuda Sun… “Beyond the headlines”

Posted by on Sep 21, 2010 in Editor's Choice | 11 comments

IF you haven’t already, you must check out the new design and content publishing system on the Bermuda Sun web site!

Screen-shot of Bermuda Sun web site on Sept. 20, 2010

Much easier to navigate, the Sun deserves credit for its constant web updates, especially news photos contributed by Editor Tony McWilliam, Deputy Editor Don Burgess, all the way down to new reporter Amanda Dale.

Most respected is the Bermuda Sun’s weekly online survey’s, which is cited all the time in radio reports trying to get a sense of where the public is on any given issue.

Navigating the sections of the paper’s online publication is even more praiseworthy… all the sections from NEWS to LIFESTYLE are plainly placed on one single web page (all you have to do is scroll down).

Bottom line: The Sun’s web site is a great read and it’s Bermuda’s most TRUSTED newspaper! Editor’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


  1. “it’s Bermuda’s most TRUSTED newspaper” – How do you know this?

    “5 out of 5″ – So you’re saying it’s a perfect website?

    Out of interest, how many stars would you give bbc.co.uk?

    • Numerous polls have been in favor of the Sun as the most trusted newspaper compared to its daily competitor. To ask this question is like asking ‘How do you know Bermuda is one of the wealthiest countries in the world?’ It goes without saying.

      • What polls are these then?

        It’s nothing like asking that question. There are a ton of stats to back up Bermuda’s position in wealth lists.

    • Yes, I believe that web site is nearly perfect, so is the BBC’s web site.

      • *grooooan*

        Can’t wait for your next website review!

  2. I saw that the Weather Channel was running a ticker using the Bermuda Sun’s updates during the Hurricane. I’m not sure if it’s Bermuda’s most trusted news, but The Weather Channel certainly did over other sources.

    • Are you sure it wasn’t the other way round? BDA Sun uses a feed from The Weather Channel.

  3. No, the weather channel had a ticker on their newscast running headlines from the Bermuda Sun about Hurricane Igor.

  4. Perhaps Adrian could review a site?

    Maybe, some of the readers could be given a chance to get their review published alongside that of Bermuda Wired?

    I can’t say anything about Bermuda Suns credibility as I don’t know much about the site but the navigation is certainly better than the last weeks choice of websites however the design isn’t to my liking, just doesn’t seem right for the content type.

  5. I’d like to know why Adrian cares so much.

    You’re entitled to an opinion Adrian, but just why are like a dog with a bone on this? Just simply state that you don’t agree, and why, and leave it at that.

    Why challenge every answer that’s given to you. You can research the facts yourself rather than keep challenging the editor. It seems that you’re trying to pick a fight, but why?

    Give it up – you are annoying and you are certainly wasting our time!

  6. Check out Greenrock’s recently revamped site – http://www.greenrock.org

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