Island’s waste-to-energy center to get face lift

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TYNES BAY’S Waste-to-energy facility will be refurbished over the next four months.

The reason is to address one of its combustion streams to replace vital components of the furnace and pollution control systems.

A statement issued Thursday announced: “In order to maintain the normal collections and processing of the waste material, the Tynes Bay Short Term Contingency Plan will be implemented.

“This plan involves shredding the waste, forming the shredded material into compacted bales and then securely wrapping the bales in several layers of industrial strength, UV resistant plastic wrap.

“The securely wrapped bales will then be transported from the Tynes Bay facility to a temporary storage location at Morgan’s Point, Southampton.”

The public is advised that transporting the bales will occur at night in order to minimize the congestion at the Tynes Bay facility and on the roads leading to the west-end.

Work commenced on Wednesday, 22nd September, 2010 and will be substantially completed by mid-December 2010, with commissioning of the newly refurbished unit to take place the following month.

Following the commissioning, bales will be returned to the Tynes Bay facility for energy recovery.

The Ministry of Works and Engineering wishes to apologize to the public for any inconvenience that these temporary arrangements may cause, especially to residents in proximity to Morgan’s Point.

Additionally, the Ministry wishes to thank members of the public for their continued support and understanding while this very important work is underway.

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