Airport security drama triggers clarification from Government

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GOVERNMENT says it takes security at LF Wade International Airport “very seriously” in the face of Tuesday’s security incident.

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A Bermudian man was arrested after he was allegedly caught trespassing on a part of the runway.

The Opposition United Bermuda Party slammed Government for not doing all they could to maintain high security.

Airport boss Aaron Adderley supposedly told the media that a lack of funds prevented officials at the airport from fortifying the airport.

However, Mr. Adderley clarified tonight in a Government statement: “The airport will always have significant capital requirements, both airside and inside the terminal.

“It should be noted that the airport facility is currently in the process of replacing areas of the fencing bordering the facility, and this work was ongoing well before yesterday’s incident.

“As a further note, capital works, inclusive of maintenance is a standard line item in the airport budget, these funds are used, amongst other things to repair the perimeter fence line, which is often damaged by hurricanes and winter storms.”

The fence encloses an area that is more than 600 acres in size, nearly one tenth the size of Bermuda’s total land mass.

Mr. Adderley said replacing it completely is a “significant undertaking.”

“That said the management and staff of the airport do all that they can in terms of refurbishment work to address the most susceptible areas.”

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