U.S. AG Eric Holder thankful for Bermuda’s help taking in Chinese Uighurs

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AMERICAN Attorney General Eric Holder once again thanked Bermuda for its acceptance of four Chinese men on humanitarian grounds.

Mr. Holder is in Bermuda on an official visit. He appeared this afternoon alongside his host, Premier Ewart Brown, at a news conference held at Fairmont Hamilton Princess hotel.

“Our fates are intertwined,” Mr. Holder said in response to a question from the ZBM News organization, on the benefit to Bermuda over accepting the Uighur men.

“Guantanamo’s remaining open has serves as a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. It has served as an impediment in (the) relationships between the United States and some of its allies.

“And the closure of Guantanamo remains something that we are focused on.

“The help that Bermuda gave to the United States in closing Guantanamo by accepting those Uighurs was a critical step in the closure of Guantanamo.

“And I express my appreciation to the Premier (Ewart Brown) for that act. It is , I think, an example of the kind of thing that exists between our two nations.”

We understand the full story on Mr. Holder’s remarks will air 5 p.m. on ZBM radio and then again at 7 on their TV broadcast.

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