Cannabis shipment destined for fake St. David’s address — court hears

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AN alleged drugs importer has been put on trial for the concealed shipment of two pounds of cannabis worth $92,000.

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His name, according to a Bermuda Broadcasting Company report, is Jermaine Juan Outerbridge, 38, of Fisherman’s Hill, Hamilton Parish.

According to tonight’s broadcast, Prosecutor Rory Field told the jury that he conspired with a man named Lionel Thomas Jr. and others not before the court to import the substance in November 2008.

Only Outerbridge is on trial in the Supreme Court. Thomas has admitted to the offense, however, Outerbridge is presumed innocent until proven otherwise, Mr. Field said.

The chief prosecutor clarified that $92,000 value was arrived at, assuming that the drug was sold on Bermuda’s streets in half-gram twists.

The shipment in question arrived in Bermuda via ocean freighter, the MV Oleander and was addressed to a Sharon Faries at 142 Southside St. David’s… but authorities found that address was fake, as was the sender’s address in Toronto, Canada.

When Bermuda Customs inspected the consignment of furniture and electronics on November 13, 2008, they discovered heat-sealed plastic packages of plant material wrapped with computer equipment.

Mr. Field told the jury that the Crown would bring evidence detailing how a woman telephoned the Fast Forward freight company the following day inquiring about the shipment.

Three days later, a trucker who turned out to be the defendant, allegedly turned up at the company’s office to collect, but was promptly arrested by Police.

The prosecutor told of a piece of paper supposedly found in Outerbridge’s possession which had the fake St. David’s address written down.

Asked by Cops why he had the paper, charged Mr. Field, the defendant provided “unsatisfactory” answers.

Forensic expert Police Sergeant Peter Thompson, the first Prosecution witness, testified that while no fingerprints were found on the items, glove impressions were.

It was also revealed that the real Sharon Faries was tracked down — however she lived in Somerset and had no knowledge of the plot.

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