Race for next PLP leader officially turns ugly

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CLAIMS of sabotage by supporters of Terry Lister against the Paula Cox camp have muddied the campaigns for the next Premier.

Paula Cox is up against former Cabinet Minister Terry Lister

ZBM TV9 News ran a broadcast tonight highlighting claims from the Lister camp about alleged dirty tricks being played by the other side — Ms cox has vigorously denied this.

The broadcast quotes a high-ranking source from the Lister side who charges that several PLP members have been turned down in their bid to be delegates at this month’s conference — because of their suspected loyalty to MP Mr. Lister.

The source going on to detail to the news outlet how at one recent meeting dealing with potential delegates, PLP members who hadn’t been active in a long time, appeared out of nowhere to vote for Finance Minister Ms. Cox.

And additionally, it was charged that some Lister supporters were finding themselves the subject of interrogations at party meetings, supposedly in a bid to persuade them to the other side.

Speaking exclusively to ZBM News about the charges, Ms. Cox retorted: “Clearly, I do not engage in sabotage and no member in my strategy committee would engage in such — it is errant nonsense.”

The Progressive Labour Party delegates’ meeting is the primary process in selecting the leader of the party and ultimately the Premier of Bermuda.

With Premier Dr. Ewart Brown bowing out of politics at the end of the month… polls show Deputy Leader Ms. Cox as in the lead for the top post, although, technically, it’s not over until it’s over.

Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess, a cox supporter, has been suggested as a possible contender for the post of Deputy Leader.

During the last delegates’ conference held on October 27, 2006, Dr. Brown defeated opponent and former Premier Alex Scott by a vote of 107 to 76.

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