100 new homes at West End

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GOVERNMENT is set to begin construction of 100 “affordable” apartments for rent in the coming months.

It intends to demolish the existing buildings on the Albert Row and Victoria Row site in Dockyard — they are notorious for their deteriorating condition.

The West End Devolopment Corporation, a Government Quango, will fund the $34 million project in phases.

The estimated construction time is 18 months.

Speaking during a press conference on the plans, Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess commented: “This plan is specifically designed to improve the quality of life for all existing tenants.

WEDCo will construct 100 new rental homes within the lands around the existing Victoria Row.

“This Development is being constructed in 2 phases to avoid displacing any sitting tenants. Phase 1 will involve the construction of 40 to 50 units on the property adjacent to current Victoria row”

Resident Joseph Tucker, aka ‘Ras George’s', told ZBM evening news he was sceptical about the new plans. He said most residents there are classified as “low income” and would not be able to afford the new rents.

He also slammed WEDCO for a lack of maintenance of the units over the years, citing every problem imaginable from plumbing to their structure.

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