Government urges more use of buses for students

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Today the Ministry of Tourism and Transport launched a public appeal to principals and parents of students attending Bermuda’s schools to ensure their children take advantage of the dedicated school buses provided by the Ministry.

Currently the buses run from the various schools to the east and west ends of the Island as opposed to operating out of the central terminal.

The appeal comes following ongoing public complaints being filed with the Ministry and the Department of Public Transport (DPT), regarding the volume of school students who congregate at central terminal, and congest the regularly scheduled buses during peak commuter periods.

Meanwhile, available space on the dedicated school buses goes unused on a regular basis.

A Ministry spokesperson said, “We are looking for the public’s cooperation on this matter. It is really up to parents to encourage their children not to come into Hamilton after school but rather to take the school bus and go home. In these circumstances, it is difficult to continue to justify the provision of underutilized equipment. However the Ministry will continue to assess school usage and should the under-utilization of dedicated school buses situation persist, adjustments to the school bus programme may be required.”

A recent complaint filed with the Ministry says: “It is extremely difficult to move through the terminal area with so many school children there, many who have gathered just to socialize with their friends…school children need their own buses and should not be allowed on city buses – mornings when we are all trying to get to work, or in the evenings.”

The Ministry advised that dedicated school buses are available to and from the following schools:

Private Schools

Bermuda High School

Bermuda Institute

Mount Saint Agnes

Saltus Grammar School

Somersfield Academy

Warwick Academy

Senior Schools

Berkeley Institute

CedarBridge Academy

Middle Schools

Clearwater Middle School

Dellwood Middle School

Sandys Secondary Middle School

T. N. Tatem Middle School

Whitney Middle School

Primary Schools

Elliott Primary

Francis Patton Primary

Harrington Sound Primary

Heron Bay Primary

Northland Primary

Paget Primary

Prospect Primary

Purvis Primary

Victor Scott Primary

West End Primary

West Pembroke Primary

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