Uighurs fired from jobs. What next? Asks UBP

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NOTHING but questions. That is what the Opposition United Bermuda Party has for Government over the firing of the four Uighurs.

Courtesy Fox News

The Royal Gazette broke the story today detailing how the Chinese Muslims were recently served letters informing them of their firing from their groundsmen jobs at the Port Royal Golf Course.

Now, the employment status of the former Guantanamo Bay prisoners is a mystery.

According to tonight’s TV edition of ZBM News, Premier Dr. Ewart Brown was in the process of discussing the situation with Minister of Immigration David Burch.

But many questions remain unanswered. Leading the charge is Shadow Minister of Immigration and Labour, Senator Michael Dunkley.

Noting that current Immigration laws are agressively enforced for everyone else, He stated: “  Our questions are directed to the Premier because of his pivotal role in secretly bringing them to island in violation of the Bermuda’s Constitution.

“The Premier defended his role in the Uighur caper, as driven by moral concern for their well-being.

Senator Michael Dunkley (U.B.P.)

“So our first question is: What is now going to happen to them as a result of their Port Royal jobs being terminated?

“Are the Uighurs free to seek employment on the island, even though they appear not to be able to comply with Immigration requirements for foreign nationals, such as leaving the island to apply for work, and being proficient in English?”

Minister Burch has implemented a controversial Government policy requiring guest-workers to be proficient in English as a requirement for their work permits.

It was Government who accomodated the Uighurs upon their arrival in 2009 — and got them jobs at the golf course.

Sen. Dunkley naturally wants to know: “Since finding them jobs at Port Royal as well as places to live, have the Uighurs been paying for their housing and all associated costs, as do all Bermudians and foreign nationals residing here?

“If the government has been subsidizing their living expenses, will these costs continue to be paid by the government?

“Finally, what is the status of the discussions between the US and the UK on the Uighurs?”

Britain had made clear that the men’s residence in Bermuda was not written in stone and would make a final decision on their fates.

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