Drugs victim admits to tourist robbery

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SENIOR MAGISTRATE Archibald Warner has delayed sentencing an admitted tourist-robber until social assessments are carried out.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner (The Worshipful)

Michael Smith, 52, pleaded guilty yesterday to robbing two tourists on Pitts Bay Road on Sunday.

He is being held on remand until his next court appearance on November 30, reports ZBM radio news today.

The details are that when the visiting couple pulled their moped to the side of the road to check map directions, Smith appeared on a motorcycle asking if they needed help.

When they declined, the man grabbed their travel bag containing more than $1,000 in electronics and sped away.

Luckily Cops were called in immediately and spotted Smith, of Devonshire on a nearby road.

Upon seeing Police, he gave chase, eventually making it out of the officers’ sight.

However they caught up with him a short time later at a nearby home at Berkeley Mews, Pembroke.

The court was told he promptly confessed to the crime, explaining he was addicted to heroin and even asked the Police for Methadone.

Mr. Warner called the offense “serious and grave”.

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