Choice words over Uighurs employment

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THE FOUR Chinese Uighurs have been re-employed in the private sector days after being fired from their jobs at the Port Royal Golf Course.

Courtesy Fox News

It remains a mystery as to where they have been employed. Premier Ewart Brown has hit back at speculation over their employment status.

An editorial in The Royal Gazette yesterday called the entire Uighurs episode “shameful”.

Dr. Brown responded: “Unlike the Daily, the official Opposition and many others who have no regard for the facts — the Government of Bermuda has been diligently working to address the redundancy of the Uighurs since they received notice of their termination.

“Rather than engage in a futile exercise in the media, success has been achieved and we are pleased to announce that the Uighurs have secured employment in the private sector.

“Since the employment IS in the private sector we shall not release the name of the employer.”

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