Ten years in prison for RAA Club shooter

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A St. George’s man who fired a gun at the Royal Artillery Association Club on Easter Sunday has been jailed for ten years.

ZBM’s television report stated the sentence was handed down to Dwayne Signor, 29-years-old.

Pusine Judge Charles-Etta Simmons said he showed “reckless disregard” for the safety of others by shooting Shawn Williams, 18, during a party that night.

Signor was convicted of possession of a firearm as a prohibited weapon and unlawful wounding.

Wielding her heavy gavel, Madam Justice Simmons concluded the defendant had no one else to blame for his actions during the incident.

She said the community needed to be protected from him and his “impulsively” and a strong message sent that gun possession will not be tolerated.

Technically Signor received three years for unlawful wounding and ten years for the gun possession, but both sentences will run concurrently.

During his trial, the defendant claimed he only grabbed the gun out of fear for his safety — after noticing it pointed at his legs duringĀ  the fight, which he came upon while walking by.

He told jurors it was out of panic that he fled the scene with the weapon after it was fired.

But not so fast, said the Judge. She commented that he could have moved away from the scuffle and that he had no duty to intervene.

Victim Mr. Williams had to be rushed to the Hospital with a gun shot wound to his upper body, which has left his colon seriously injured.

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