Airplane mechanic, Lorenzo Lottimore, jailed for airport scare

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FORMER airplane mechanic Lorenzo Lottimore has been sentenced to two weeks in prison, a $1,200 fine and probation for breaching airport security.

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Lottimore, 31, sparked an airport security scare on September 28, when guards found him inside a parked American Airlines jet at around 3.30 a.m.

Because he has been on remand for two weeks, he was sentenced to ‘time already spent’ — effectively setting him free, ZBM news reported Friday.

He had admitted to the charges of illegally boarding the airplane, entering a restricted area and trespassing, contrary to the Civil Aviation Act.

According to Prosecutors, security saw him enter the aircraft and then exiting and climbing down a step ladder.

The plane was destined for New York’s JFK later that morning, however that and other flights were delayed as the Police bomb squad and other law enforcement agencies carried out a full-scale search of the L.F. Wade International Airport — they found nothing.

Lottimore, who worked at the airport for ten years up until August 29, told Police when they arrested him at his home, he boarded the plane in an attempt to access the cockpit but was thwarted.

Crown Counsel Robert Welling declared that he was “obsessed” with airplanes and may have psychological issues.

The missing key

The court was told initially that a key to the plane’s cockpit, which the defendant had access to during employment, had not been returned.

Police were engaged in a massive search to find that key, reportedly with Lottimore’s help. However, it was not clear on Friday if that key had been found.

Mr. Welling predicted chaos if the key was not found or it got into the wrong hands.

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