Person of the week: ‘Mr. Mid-Day’, Don Bassett

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By Tari Trott

A CERTIFIED electronics technician by trade, most Bermudians know DJ Don Bassett, as “Mr. Mid-day” — churning up the “Mid-Day Madness” weekdays on Power 95 FM.

[LISTEN to audio: Don Bassett in his own words (2-minutes) courtesy]

Mr. Bassett, 50, born Weldon, is from Southampton. He has come a long way in the radio business, even being recognized by the Bermuda Government for his weekly program promoting local artist, called “Local Licks”.

Many would be surprised to know that his start in the radio business was a fluke.

“I can credit my starting in radio to Lee Harvey,” says Mr. Bassett. “I was off one day and I went down to the studio to pick up my pay check and he had an appointment to go to.

“He asked me if I wanted to fill in for about two hours and that was it — that’s the way it started.

“Prior to that (in the 1980s at Capitol Broadcasting) I was always in television, always in production, TV, camera work, behind the scenes. Radio was just a fluke.”

Don soon entered the Carolina School of Broadcasting earning certification in Radio Announcing, TV Production and Copy Writing.

In his show, weekdays from 1 1 a.m. to 4 p.m., he plays a variety of music from hip hop to reggae.

But for a few hours each Wednesday, he plays non-stop music from Bermudian artists — he is inundated with CDs and material.

“I started playing Local Lix a few years ago, started out by playing one or two sounds,” he reflects.

“There is a lot of talent here in Bermuda. Every week I am getting CDs.

“I think we need more avenues for the locals to express themselves. Maybe we need a cultural center of some kind.”

Asked about his favorite foods, he puts it simply: “I’m a fish kind of guy.

“I like me some fish, some rice, plain and simple — some veggies — I can go with that.”

What about his favorite music? “Play me some old school or some love ballads. I’m a easy kind of guy. I also like a little bit of Jazz.”

Describing himself, he points out: “In the physical sense, I’m a light-skinned, plain-looking dude, also very conservative.”

To contact Don Bassett directly, Email him on donnieb95@hotmail.comor look him up on Facebook under “Don Bassett”. He also welcomes your music if you want airtime on his show.

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