Police urge motorists to slow down, weekly traffic review

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The Bermuda Police Service continues to advise the motoring public to slow down and to drive as well as ride responsibly on the island’s roads.

Additionally, we urge those traveling in cars to use their seatbelts at all times and make sure any children traveling in the vehicle are appropriately restrained.

Those traveling on motorcycles should always fasten their helmets and avoid making a third lane.

During the week of Monday, October 11th – Monday, October 18th 2010 there were:

Reported Injury Collisions = 23

Reported Damage Only Collisions = 31

Arrests on Suspicion of Impaired Driving = 4

Vehicles Reported Taken Without Their Owners’ Consent = 15

Number of vehicles reported stolen by parish: St. George’s = 1, Smith’s parish = 1, Pembroke = 2, Paget = 5, Warwick = 5 and Sandys parish = 1.

Most of the vehicles removed were either auxiliary cycles or motorcycles, with 1 car and 1 pedal cycle also reported stolen during the period.

Of the 15 vehicles reported stolen, 4 were subsequently recovered, including the car.

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