$3.5 Million Paid Out in Bermuda to Fund Post-Secondary Education

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(Hamilton, Bermuda – October 21, 2010) – Heritage International Scholarship Trust Foundation today announces that the company has paid out $3.5 million this year in Bermuda to fund post-secondary education, bringing the total funds distributed to Bermudians to more than $24 million.

Heritage specialises in helping families save for college and university through Education Savings Plans (ESPs). Through Heritage, families are able to create flexible, long-term savings plans that are tailored to each family’s individual financial situation. Since Heritage’s launch in Bermuda, nearly 7,000 children have been enrolled in the plan.

Jason Maguire, president and CEO of the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Foundation and Heritage Education Funds International says: “At Heritage, our mission is to provide parents with an affordable savings vehicle that allows children to reach their greatest potential in adulthood through post-secondary education. With an economy that continues to suffer, parents need more options than ever to help ensure their children can benefit from a post-secondary education as inflation rises. We are proud to offer families one of the highest-performing, safest and most flexible Education Savings Plan available.”

Heritage currently has more than $100 million in assets under management held in U.S. dollar, government-issued guaranteed and fixed-income investments. The investment position yielded an impressive 8.13 percent one-year return as of September 30, 2010.

For a child born in 2010, it’s estimated that a four-year post-secondary education abroad will cost approximately $200,000.

Those interested in more information about Heritage Education Funds and education savings plans should contact Charles Jeffers on 296-8528 or George Smith on 295-3868.

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