Man had eight people stuffed into car; Fisherman charged for possessing fish billy-club

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A Paget man is $70 out of pocket after a Magistrate fined him for pressing eight unrestrained passengers into his car.

ZBM radio reported today that Kenneth Williams, 63, pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court to the charge of Carrying Passengers in an Unlawful Manner, occurring on August 14.

According to Prosecutor Tawana Tannock, Police conducted a traffic stop of the man and found six children and one adult in his back seat, plus one adult and a child in the passenger seat.

The children were between ages one to 11. Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner struggled to keep a straight face when telling Williams “The moral of the story is… when you have young children in the car, they have to be secured. Get some rope and tie them together.”

In another case… 29-year-old Aaron DeSilva admitted to possession of a small amount of cannabis and drug equipment on June 17.

However, he denied carrying a modified telephone phone with an attached rope as an offensive weapon in public.

Asked why he denied the charge, he told Mr. Warner he works as a commercial fisherman and used the pole as a “billy club” to wallop fish as they near his boat.

A trial date was set for February 14 next year, when he will also be sentenced for the drug offenses.

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