Female duo jailed for ‘merciless’ beating over cell phone

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TWO young women, one heavily pregnant, have begun two-year prison sentences for viciously attacking an innocent schoolgirl.

Last smile: Garrina Cann is lead into an awaiting prison van.

Puisne Judge Charles-Etta Simmons called the armed attack against Brittany Symonds, 17, “vindictive and merciless” before handing down the sentence plus two years probation upon release, according to ZBM.

In August, a jury unanimously convicted Garrina Cann, 21, and Trimiea Roland, 22, of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. Cann is from Pembroke, Roland from St. David’s.

Their trial heard how on February 2, 2010, near Luke’s Lane in St. David’s, Ms. Symonds was minding her own business while walking and talking on her cell phone — when Cann approached and asked if she could use it.

When she said no and began walking away, an irate Cann picked up a wooden stick and whacked her in the head up to six times.

Managing to escape Cann’s clutches, Cann’s good friend Roland intervened by slamming the youngster into a wall and then used a large rock to smash her in the head.

A heavily pregnant Trimiea Roland outside of the courtroom.

When Ms. Symonds took the stand she described the stick as being around 18-inches long and the rock, one-foot long and five inches in height.

It left her hospitalized with more than 13 stitches and staples to her bloodied head, as well as gashes to her shoulder and thumb.

During yesterday’s sentencing hearing, Crown Counsel Takiyah Burgess said the maximum sentence in prison was ten years, but requested that the women face five.

Ms. Burgess called the event a “deliberate” and “unprovoked attack” on Ms. Symonds. And although unrelated, the Prosecutor noted the rise in gang violence in the community, as reasons for a strong message to be sent.

The Court heard that despite the jury’s verdict on her guilt, Cann took no responsibility for her actions, claiming innocence.

Her lawyer, Marc Daniels described her as a victim of abuse during her younger years and having suffered a set-back with the recent death of her brother.

In the case of Roland, who is pregnant with her second child and due to give birth in December… her lawyer Mark Pettingill admitted she had “inherent anger” due to emotional issues affecting her life.

Lengthy criminal records

The court also heard that Roland served prison time in Jamaica in 2006 for trying to smuggle cannabis out of the country.

She also was convicted in Bermuda three years later for assaulting Police and numerous theft offenses.

As for Cann, she received a six-month jail sentence in 2007 for assault and was again convicted a year later for assaulting someone else.

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