Government vehicle program $10 million over-budget — Auditor-General

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AUDITOR-GENERAL Heather Jacobs Matthews has released a damning report on Government’s Vehicle Safety and Emissions Testing Program.

Heather Jacobs Matthews

The special report, first obtained by ZBM News, says the program was compromised from the outset and charges the Government with non-compliance with its own tendering and payment procedures.

Instead of costing around $5 million as originally estimated… the scheme ended up costing around $15 million, according to the report.

“This report,” Mrs. Jacobs explains, “focuses on Government’s management of the program, describes a lack of accountability and a general disregard for established policies and procedures in the use of public funds.

“The manner in which the program was managed provided little oversight by Government.

“(It has) resulted in Government retaining all the financial risks while effectively relinquishing control over the developmental costs to a consultancy company.”

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