Mystery surrounds future of Warwick Long Bay

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PLANS to build a bar and restaurant on Warwick Long Bay have returned to the Planning Department for approval.

The ‘Sandbar’ project, headed by Belcario Thomas, was originally put forward in 2008, according to ZBM.

Image courtesy BEST Facebook page

The plans sparked a community debate — environmental activists expressed concern that the restaurant would damage the area’s natural beauty; Mr. Thomas said the project would cause no damage to the environment and be completely removed during the off–season.

The original application was granted on appeal by Environment Minister Glenn Blakeney. His decision was later overturned.

Meanwhile The Bermuda Environmental & Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) says it has become aware that Mr. Belcario Thomas has re–submitted his application for a beach bar and restaurant at Warwick Long Bay.

The organization says it has not yet had an opportunity to view the application at the Department of Planning, but will be doing so within the next few days.

BEST expressing the hope that this application will be allowed to follow its proper course and that, unlike previously, unfettered opinions from all relevant government departments will be available for the consideration of the public, the Development Applications Board and any other vetting individual or agency.

BEST has already received calls and visits from area residents and interested parties who are utterly astonished that this scheme is resurfacing.

It says that as a consequence of the previous incarnation of this application, it is more aware of the issues involved including possible Ministerial interference, as highlighted in the Auditor General’s just–released report on the emissions testing facility.

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