Premier on Auditor’s critical report: “Strange and inaccurate”

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PREMIER Ewart Brown has broken his silence over Auditor General Heather Jacobs-Matthews’ damning report concerning a $10 million overrun at TCD.

The. Hon. Dr. Ewart Brown, Premier of Bermuda

Dr. Brown described the Auditor General’s findings: “Strangely timed and inaccurate”. She said last week that the Vehicle Safety and Emissions Program was compromised from the outset and charged Government with non-compliance with its own tendering and payment procedures.

But the Premier responded this evening: “The Auditor General’s reports are to the Speaker of the House who in turn tables them for the House to consider.

“We’re two weeks away from the first opportunity for that usual process so I found this Report’s timing and very media-based release strange.”

The Ministry of Tourism and Transport also confirmed that technical officers had spent several months working with the Office of the Auditor General and provided detailed explanations to each and every question raised.

Many of those explanations do not feature in the Report, claims Dr. Brown, whose term as Premier comes to an end this week.

“This reminds me of the style of the former Auditor General and it diminishes the stature of the office when it is done this way.”

He added the Ministry confirmed that the operations contract was approved by Cabinet and that the Office of the Auditor General had not sought specific clarification of this point.

Instead of costing around $5 million as originally estimated… the scheme ended up costing around $15 million to Bermuda’s tax-payers.

Heather Jacobs Matthews

“This report,” Mrs. Jacobs explained, “focuses on Government’s management of the program, describes a lack of accountability and a general disregard for established policies and procedures in the use of public funds.

“The manner in which the program was managed provided little oversight by Government.”

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