Drugs pair change pleas to guilty ahead of trial

Posted by on Oct 25, 2010 in Local News & Alerts | 0 comments

TWO men, due to stand trial for conspiring to bring almost $1 million worth of drugs into Bermuda have admitted to one of the charges.

Kenneth Butterfield, 33, and Kyle Ingham, 25, pleaded guilty this morning to importation of controlled drugs (cannabis and cocaine) between an unknown date and November 2, 2008.

A third defendant, Dennis Wright, did not show, prompting Justice Carlisle Greaves to issue a warrant for his arrest.

It is understood his sureties will be summoned before the Judge.

The drugs were worth $800 thousand on Bermuda’s streets. The cannabis weighed approximately 17,000 grams and the cocaine, 180 grams.

Butterfield, of North Shore, Hamilton Parish, was defended by lawyer Charles Richardson, with , of Pembroke,  by Elizabeth Christopher.

Justice Greaves remanded both men in custody until sentencing at a later date — in the meantime, he ordered social inquiry reports. They will re-appear during November’s monthly arraignments’ session.

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