Madman pretended to be cab driver, terrorizes tourist couple

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By Elin Simmons-Francis

TWO haunted FILIPINO tourists who caught what can only be described as a cab ride from hell, have pledged to return to Bermuda despite their ordeal.

The couple, in their 30s, refused to be named out of fear for their lives.

It all started last Thursday evening at around 10 p.m. as the couple left a Hamilton restaurant and summoned what they THOUGHT was a taxi.

Highway to hell

When the driver of a black car with tinted windows pulled up to them, they initially thought something wasn’t right — but nevertheless asked the driver, described as light-skinned and wearing dark shades, to take them back to their Paget guest house.

All went well until about ten minutes into the ride. “This man all of a sudden hit the gas pedal and when I looked at the speedometer, it said 76 KPH,” said the husband, who works as a teacher in his homeland.

Next, the pair claim they were forced to hang on for dear life in the back seat as the driver sped through stop signs and drove recklessly through the back streets of Hamilton.

They soon realized they were in a nightmare scenario when the driver started drinking cans of beer while playing loud reggae music.

“I have never seen anything like this,” the wife told Bermuda Wired. “We shouted (repeatedly) for him to stop and let us out but he just laughed and turned up the volume of the music.

“I thought I was going to die.” Eventually, the couple describe the man stopping the car near Bernard Park in Pembroke and finally letting them out before speeding away into darkness.

They were able to safely catch a real taxi and make it back to their hotel room — around one hour after their ordeal began.

Inquiries by Bermuda Wired revealed that the ‘driver’ in question was not a real taxi driver and may have been severely intoxicated.

Asked if they reported their story to authorities, they said they had decided not to and feel the horrific episode was a one-off incident in which they were not directly targeted.

The pair have since returned to their country.

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