Cox takes issue with criticism of her election campaign

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At Devonshire Rec (6 p.m.)

By Gary Moreno /ZBM News

FINANCE Minister Paula Cox  refuses to take anything for granted despite clear indications she is most likely to be next PLP Leader.

Finance Minister Paula Cox

Her position made clear tonight as she rolled in to the 45thannual delegates’ conference taking place here at Devonshire Recreation Club.

Ms. Cox said: “I think what I have done is to work, talk to the people who matter and certainly let them know what I stand for, what my track record is.

“You don’t build a reputation on what you are going to do – you look at what has been done.”

Confronted with criticism by some PLP members that she did not follow in the footsteps of her competitor Terry Lister in aiming her platform to the wider public, Ms. Cox disagreed.

“I think no one should expect that I should follow another candidate – I blaze my own trail.”

Asked what she would bring to the table as a new Premier, she responded: “Let’s wait and see if I’m elected first.

“Then, we will have plenty of time to talk once you can see the Cabinet configuration. Let’s get the first things done first.”

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