Paula Cox wins election (9.55 p.m. UPDATE) Derrick Burgess New Deputy Leader

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9.55 p.m. tonight, at Devonshire Rec

Derrick Burgess is elected Deputy Leader of PLP.


9.04 p.m. tonight, at Devonshire Rec

AN election for the post of Deputy PLP Leader is underway. The candidates are:

1. Derrick Burgess

2. Randy Horton

3. Terry Lister

4. Michael Weekes

5. Walter Roban

*The winner will be announced momentarily (update your browser)


8.50 p.m. tonight, at Devonshire Rec

Paula Cox has won the PLP delegates conference by the following vote:

1. Paula – 124

2. Terry Lister- 39

3. Dale Butler – 2.

A vote to determine who the deputy leader will be, soon to come.

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