Police tackle rumors of gang violence during Halloween

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FEARS that violent gang members could spoil Sunday’s Halloween event are being taken very seriously, Police say.

Assistant Commissioner Wright

Bermuda has a history of hoodlums causing trouble over the period through vandalism and other crime.

Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Wright is warning would-be thugs that Police will be out in force over the weekend and their behavior will not be tolerated.

He said at a news conference today: “For those who celebrate Halloween, the intention is for it to be a fun event — an opportunity for harmless family fun dressing up in costumes, going through the neighborhood collecting candy.

“Historically the event has attracted troublemakers not just here in Bermuda but overseas as well.

“This year, there is speculation in the Bermuda community that the event will be exploited by gang members for criminal purposes — spoil the fun for the wider community.”

He made clear officers will be working very hard to ensure safety for everyone. Police will be out ready to pounce on troublemakers and deter potential ones.

“I want to take this opportunity to appeal for the public to do its part to preserve the safety and security for everybody. This should be a fun event, let’s also work together to make it a safe event.”

Acting Superintendent Anthony Mouchette urged patience for those inconvenienced by Police stop and search activity.

New Police powers

Mr. Mouchette said: “We will be enforcing our legal powers. We will use all lawful powers to deter and detect criminal conduct including powers to stop and search.

“These searches, including new (legislation) gives us the power to ask individuals to remove any face coverings.”

Plus, reserve officers will be called in to boost Police presence, particularly by patrolling school buses.

Anyone caught throwing projectiles including missiles or eggs can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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