Opposition doubtful with ‘same tired group’ in new Cabinet

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WHILE PLP supports are enthusiastic over the unveiling of the Cabinet under Premier Paula Cox, the official Opposition has doubts.

Following the constitution, Governor Sir Richard Gozney officially appointed the 11 members of the Cabinet yesterday at Government House — excluding Premier Cox and Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess.

Opposition Leader Kim Swan pledged to work with the Government but criticized it for not bringing about the change that the people need.

Kim Swan, Opposition Leader

He said last night: “Bermuda is not working for many today. We see it in spreading joblessness, shrinking paychecks, street shootings, collapsing tourism, billion-dollar debt and the continuing failure to reform education.

“The case for a change in government is compelling.

“Unfortunately, today’s Cabinet shuffle will not give Bermuda the change it needs.

“This is the same tired group that has presided over a period of unprecedented national decline.

“Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Premier’s decision to continue as Minister of Finance, despite an atrocious six-year record marred by soaring debt, uncontrolled spending and ethical failures”

However, he added the United Bermuda Party is prepared to work with the Government to get Bermuda back on track.

“We have talented people who are committed to getting Bermuda working again,” said Mr. Swan.

He pledged to push reforms to strengthen Government accountability, transparency and fairness.

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