WATCH VIDEO: Ruthless gangster Alvone Maybury jailed for 13.5 years

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FACEBOOK Fugitive Alvone Maybury has had his stay at Westgate Correctional facility extended by 13 and-a-half years.

That figure represents the total time Justice Carlisle Greaves sentenced him to spend in prison today for his shooting of a gun at gang rivals and escaping prison custody and posting Facebook updates while on the run.

Alvone Maybury is led to an awaiting prison van following his sentencing.

In court, asked if he had anything to say before sentencing, looking subdued he replied: “I don’t have nothing to say”.

Maybury, 24, was sentenced for the offense of Escaping Lawful Custody and for using a firearm to commit a crime and possession of ammunition without a license.

In the first incident, last December 18, the defendant was at the Captain’s Lounge bar on Reid Street in Hamilton.

The court heard that Maybury and fellow ’42′ gang members got into a fight with rival ‘Parkside’ gangsters.

Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves

When the fight spilled onto the street, he produced a gun which he used to shoot at his rivals. No one was injured and the weapon was later recovered.

His guilt was sealed thanks to video footage recovered from his cellular phone, which he recorded, showing him wielding a gun and spelling out his plan to bring deadly violence against his opponents.

Bold prison escape

In July, as he was being led out of Magistrates’ Court in prison custody, he suddenly bolted… running along Parliament Street and disappearing into the traffic.

On the run for two weeks, he became famous all over the world due to his daily updates on Facebook… taunting law enforcement and explaining to everyone how he was enjoying his unearned freedom.

However, Police eventually captured him inside a wooden shed at Secret Lane, Glebe Road, Pembroke.

Defense Lawyer Llewellyn Peniston urged Mr. Justice Greaves not to listen to the politics surrounding the case. He attacked the Prosecution for making his client face the escape charges in the Supreme Court rather than at the lower Magistrates’ Court, knowing he’d face harsher penalties up top.

During mitigation, Mr. Peniston said the bottom of Maybury’s life had fallen out, worsened by the death of his mother and stepfather at a young age, as well as other family members.

Struggling with his Christian faith, the lawyer claimed his value system became distorted by these events leading him to a life of crime and rebellion.

The court heard of Maybury’s lengthy criminal history including convictions for having sex with a minor, drug possession, house-breaking, assaulting a female, and smuggling contraband into prison on more than one occasion.

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