Bermuda Optimist Dinghy Association (BODA) Prizegiving

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Anthony Bailey President of the BODA, Matilda Nicholls who won the 1st place prize for the Green Fleet, Minister Blakeney, and Bruce Lines, executive on the BODA board in the background.

Here are the Minister’s remarks during the Bermuda Optimist Dinghy Association (BODA) Prizegiving Presentation:

Good Evening all,

I am extremely delighted to join you for this wonderful occasion and I wish to extend my congratulations to the young sailors who participated in this successful Regatta.

Sailing is passion that many of us enjoy in Bermuda – with the 2010 PWC Bermuda National and Open Championships proving to be a fitting illustration of just why we have such a passion for this sport.

The 34 competitors in this championship saw a variety of conditions this weekend, which tested their patience, skills and expertise against a mixture of shifting wind, sun, rain, moderate breeze to flat calm.

This is also the 3rd Open Nationals where sailors from overseas can enter with local sailors. Among the locals competing in this event we had Sam Stan, Chase Cooper, Antonio Bailey, Rory Caslin, Ellie and Ceci Wollmann and Makai Joell who competed against visiting sailors such as Gesa Bornrmann, Mauriel-Natalie Schroder, Jack Parkin and Marvin Firsch.

Although the Regatta was a lot of fun for most, it was equally important to turn in a good result as the event will also determine the 2010 National Champion for the Bermudians…. as well as being the local qualifier for the South American Championships in 2011.

Also taking place in Hamilton Harbour was a special clinic and regatta for the younger, less experienced Green Fleet sailors that competed for the National Green Fleet title in conjunction with a clinic run by legendary Green Fleet coach Tom Coleman from the US. The Green Fleet competitors included: Matilda Nichols, Joe Arrowsmith, Lily Barboza, Alice Reeves, Kieran Swan and Thomas Pennruddocke

The activities are very much to be promoted and encouraged and will serve to groom these up and coming sailors for future successes.

I wish to commend BODA president Mr. Anthony Bailey and his team comprised of very committed local parents, coaches, and the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club for meeting the logistical challenges and dedicating the significant time and energy required to make this regatta happen. I also wish to acknowledge the tireless efforts of the volunteers who make BODA (Bermuda Optimist Dinghy Association) a reality for our children. Because of their dedication and commitment to Bermuda’s young people, we have continued to see tremendous growth in the abilities of the fleet overall.

At this time I would like to acknowledge all the competitors visiting Bermuda from the US and Canada….to as far away as Germany and Switzerland, I say to you, welcome and well done!

Thank you.

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