Women invited to learn professional basketball

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It’s official!! The BBA is proud to officially announce the women’s development program.

Starting Friday, November 19th, at the Berkeley Institute, the women of Bermuda are being given the opportunity they’ve been looking for.

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ALL girls are invited to “Learn how to play professional basketball.” Richard North will lead this initiative with assistance from the newly qualified FIBA Level 1 & 2 Coaches and players from the Varsity Girls Basketball Team.

Richard North, Initiative Organizer states:

“This development initiative is an opportunity for girls to receive fundamental coaching of basketball. With the recent success of Erica Woods and Jenaya Wade Fray, we are hoping to discover and assist the next student athlete.

“The BBA recognizes the importance of developing the next basketball family.

“Basketball is a sport that allows players to develop self-discipline and the skills to work effectively as a team. What players learn in basketball will assist them in life.”

The BBA needs assistance in the form of volunteers to help make this one of the best Junior Development Programs in Bermuda.

Assistance is needed in the following areas: Camp Registration, Photos, Coaching, Refreshments, Parent Liaison, Refereeing, & Public Relations.

If you are able to help or know someone that can, feel free to contact Richard North at 7995889 or bermudabasketball@hotmail.com.

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