Bermuda CableVision reaches out to the community with new web site and community-dedicated channel

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Bermuda CableVision today unveiled its new, community-dedicated channel, as well as the company’s completely re-designed web site,

“The Community Channel” has just been inserted over CableVision’s former Channel 100 and is now available to all subscribers. It is a destination where viewers can connect to CableVision and the community via the medium of television, with world and local news, community notices and information about CableVision, all available on one channel.

On the company’s new web site, customers will find an attractive user interface, new content and easier-than-ever access to news and information about CableVision and its activities in the community.

General Manager Terry Roberson says, “We are particularly proud to recognise the outstanding talents of CableVision’s own Tenille Simons and Davonne Campbell, who are the creative and technical designers, who oversaw these two exciting projects. Davonne Campbell took on the task of re-building our web site, not only from the technical standpoint – which included some complex back-end developments – but also from a design standpoint, re-organising all the content, and adding a fresh, new visual interface.

“Tenille Simons is the talent behind our new Community Channel 100. Equipped with specialised technical training, she designed and built the new channel and integrated a selection of compelling content, blending both her technical expertise and creative skills. We feel certain everyone will appreciate the special talents of these two individuals whenever they log on or tune in. Our intention, going forward, is to build a closer, more personal relationship with our customers and these new communications tools will help us achieve that goal while offering greater convenience for our subscribers.”

Channel 100 – “The Community Channel”

On Channel 100, viewers will find a useful array of information assembled in one place, including:  an international news feed, a local news feed; local weather information; community notices; news of upcoming events; and special video messages from CableVision and its programming providers. CableVision is also inviting community organisations around Bermuda to submit news and announcements that would be of interest to the public by e-mailing: In this way, the channel will grow to include an expanded array of community news and announcements.

Tenille Simons, who oversaw the project, says: “This channel is designed to focus on, grow and evolve with the community, and was conceived as a place where customers can find information about us and reach out to others in our community.  I have really enjoyed the challenge of putting this new communications medium together and I look forward to working with the community to take the channel to the next level as we grow.”

New web site:

CableVision’s web site has been completely re-designed and re-built for easier customer use and more efficient access to timely and pertinent company information. Visitors to the new site will find an attractive and easy-to-use interface with content organised in a more intuitive way, for simpler navigation.  The site also contains new information to help customers better understand the full range of services CableVision has to offer, as well as easy access to support documentation, useful links to all the television networks and the online TV guide.  The site also features a news section for convenient access to the latest company press releases and media alerts. Future plans include an area for updates about network outages or construction, as well as additional new features such as video integration, and more online services for customers.

“This site was created with our customers in mind,” says Davonne Campbell, who oversaw the project design and development.  “It features a new, more efficient user interface, so that, at the click of a mouse, visitors will find everything they need to interact with us, get news and updates about our services, rates, and other important information. 

Davonne Campbell and Tenille Simons, Bermuda Cablevision

“It was fun and exciting to take on the creation of this new online destination and I look forward to keeping the site fresh and always evolving.”

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