That time of year again: Don’t drink and drive

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CADA, encouraging responsible alcohol behavior, today announced the start of their 2010 Christmas alcohol awareness campaign.

The ABCD campaign is designed to encourage people not to drink and drive this holiday season.

Signs and banners are placed in high traffic areas around the island with the message “Always use Bus, Cab or Designated Driver.”

Making the announcement today was CADA Chairman, Mr. Anthony Santucci, who stated, “As residents move around Bermuda during the Christmas and New Year period they will notice signs and banners in various locations around the island.

“These signs serve as a reminder that there are alternatives to driving and driving.

“The signs state clearly what the options available are: Always use Bus, Cab or Designated Driver.”

Mr. Santucci added, “The signs and banners are placed on roads that have high volumes of traffic.

“They are there to alert anyone who will be socializing and drinking alcohol this holiday season to have an arrangement in place before they leave home about how they plan to return safely.

The signage campaign is supported on television by a 60 second ad which serves as a further reminder, together with a radio ad that will be heard on local stations during the holiday season”

The ads, signs and banners are designed to send a clear and consistent message that CADA wants people to employ responsible alcohol behavior and not to drink and drive.

They urge all residents in Bermuda to have a safe and happy holiday season.

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