National heroes: Bermudians Against the Draft

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WHETHER you are a supporter of conscription in Bermuda, or you oppose it, credit must be given to the members of Bermudians Against the Draft (B.A.D.).

Pastor Larry Marshall (center) along with other members of Bermudians Against the Draft

Credit because of the group’s tireless fight for what they believe is right: An end to an outdated practice that violates the Constitution and that discriminates on the basis of sexual origin.

Bermuda Wired salutes B.A.D. for its efforts and its commitment to what is just in Bermuda.

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  1. NATIONAL HEROS??? Are you serious? Are you really honouring this group? That is shameful Bermuda Wired!
    They are not standing up for what is right, they are standing up for nothing but their own selfish beliefs, being lazy, and not repaying service to their country.
    Personally, I was never a big supporter of going into Regiment after pursuing my two university degrees, although I did acknowledge the benefits it has and had to the men that serve. Only because I felt that I had already acquired many of the skills that the Regiment instils in its members, among them discipline, respect, and teamwork. However, I did fulfil my service to my country and continue to serve outside of the Regiment.
    Anyone knowing members (SOME, NOT ALL) of the BAD group, know that they of them do not have much of those listed qualities, but rather degrade society in their acts of anti-social behaviour.
    Also being among the reasons, shamefully is that I did not wish to cut my hair (not dreadlocks) which I had grown for the previous 8 years, . However, this reason is as valid as some of the members of BAD’s reasons. An “I just don’t feel like going army” is enough to fulfil the criteria to join this group.
    These men along with the BAD are not against the draft, they are against serving their country.
    There are several other paths they could have taken besides going to the Regiment which they claim is abusive and demoralising to repay their gratitude of services that the country/taxpayers have provided for them up until the eligible time to repay those services. i.e. availability of free healthcare/hospital services, schooling, etc
    They could have chosen to join the fire reserves, police reserves, or St. Johns Ambulance, so saying that they do not want to attend the regiment for a particular reason is invalid if they have other options of service to choose from, where they would not receive their perceived mental and physical abuse.
    It is equally as shameful for Bermuda Wired to call these men NATIONAL HEROS, listing them with the likes of Dame Lois Browne-Evans, and possibly Sir Henry Tucker, and Dr.E.F Gordon. SHAMEFUL!

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