Fairmont employees raise Cents for Life

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Now in its second year, “Cents for Life” was founded by Executive Director of Conference Services and Discover Bermuda at The Fairmont Southampton, Rochelle Quinn.

Employees at both The Fairmont Southampton and The Fairmont Hamilton Princess were asked to donate their pennies to charity. At the end of the year, Rochelle’s department selects a charity and in 2010 the pennies (totaling $616.50) were awarded to Eliza Dolittle Society. The cheque was presented to Francine Mason of The Eliza DoLittle Society on Friday.

Rochelle Quinn says: “What do people really do with their pennies? They put them in containers and never look at them again, or step over them like they are worth nothing. I was running one day and picked up a few pennies and it hit me. This could make a difference is someone’s life. The things we take for granted, like pennies, can provide someone with food, water, clothing, etc. We had a penny bank made for the donations and it grew from there.

 “In 2011 we hope to raise more funds and donate it to another charity. We hope Cents for Life will make a difference in someone’s life.”

If anyone wants to donate their cents, they can bring them to The Fairmont Southampton in the Administration Office.


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