Bermuda CableVision introduces MavTV network

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Bermuda CableVision is adding another new network to its digital cable TV line-up, announcing that it has entered into an agreement with MavTV to distribute both their standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) channels in Bermuda.

Effective immediately, MavTV can be found on CableVision’s channel 154, while MavTV HD is available to all HDTV subscribers on channel 434.

Owned by the Mav’rick Entertainment Network, MavTV, launched in 2004, carries a variety of programming focusing uniquely on men, especially those in the 18-54 age bracket.

The 24/7 channel covers topics that are of particular interest and relevance to the male audience, offering a variety of perspectives.

The network’s diverse programming includes sports and sports analysis, gaming, comedy, women and relationships, health and fitness, finance, gadgets, and movies. MavTV currently has 42 series on air and 90 per cent of its content is exclusive to the network. MavTV HD boasts one of the largest original HD libraries in the industry, with 80 per cent of its content broadcast in native HD.

CableVision General Manager Terry Roberson

MavTV’s slate of programming includes an array of exclusive original series that have gained popularity among the more than 35 million households who receive MavTV. Among these are: “Speed Freaks”; “The RAD Girls”; “AMA Motorcycle Racing”; “American Tailgater”; “Bikini AllStars”; “Ultimate Combat Experience”; “I Love this Bartender”; and “Lucas Oil Motorsports”, to name just a few.

CableVision’s General Manager, Terry Roberson, says: “We’re pleased to bring this new channel to our Variety and HDTV Tiers, at no additional cost to subscribers.

“MavTV is a destination that allows male viewers to climb into their man-caves and enjoy programming that speaks directly to them.

“More than half the programming is sports-oriented, including lots of motorsports, Add to this the many other themes covered by the network and you can find anything from the newest gadgets and golf trips to shows about women, relationships and fitness.

“Since it’s been shown that 40 per cent of motorsports fans are women, female viewers are also invited to discover this new addition to our line-up. We trust everyone will enjoy the variety and originality of MavTV.”

MavTV’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Patrick Jacobs, remarks: “We are excited to partner with Bermuda CableVision.

“With our extensive line-up of original content, MavTV is an excellent complement to the fantastic variety of programming already offered by Bermuda CableVision.”

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