Overseas marketing firm targets Bermuda

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BRAND management and marketing firm, Fuzion (FAM), has announced a new partnership that will stretch the agency into Bermuda and beyond.

Former professional soccer player, David Bascome, and his Hope4Life Foundation has tabbed Fuzion to help develop the individual and philanthropic brand of Mr. Bascome and his growing foundation.

“After searching for some time, and performing due diligence, Fuzion is the firm that I know will assist us in reaching the next level,” said David Bascome, Founder of Hope4Life.

“Quency Phillips has a great track record with working with athletes, artists and corporations – especially in philanthropy – and I know that we are in good hands through his leadership and Fuzion.”

Immediately, FAM will focus on solidifying national and global sponsorships for Hope4Life. This will include a larger branding campaign for the foundation, as well as for David Bascome.

Through Fuzion Management, David Bascome will travel the globe joining forces with other athletes and entertainers to spread his philanthropic voice.

Beginning March 1, 2011, FAM will launch the new marketing campaign which will include providing a host of new programs and services for youth (focused on Bermuda) aimed to curb violence, promote positivity, and build a stronger community throughout the island of Bermuda.

“This is an exciting opportunity for FAM,” said Quency Phillips, CEO of Fuzion.

“The entire FAM brand – especially our athletes – is based on a strong philanthropic spirit, and Mr. Bascome and Hope4Life fits right into our family.

“We are eager to bring beneficial programs to Bermuda and engage with the youth and those servicing the community.”

Fuzion Management (FAM) is multi-faceted talent management group that incorporates a full range of resources that are not limited to typical agencies or management firms.

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