Tucker’s Point To Donate Over 28 Acres of Land to Bermuda

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HAMILTON PARISH, Bermuda – March 13, 2011 – Tucker’s Point today announces that should the Special Development Order (SDO) pass in the Senate on Wednesday, it will donate over 28 acres of land to Bermuda. In addition, it has agreed to maintain the one-acre Harrington Sound Park on Harrington Sound Road as part of the agreement.

The donated land comprises:

  • A 7.45 acre and 1.66 acre lot, both on Whitecrest Hill
  • 19-acre Mangrove Lake


The land will be conveyed to the Bermuda Government for conservation management purposes prior to final approval for housing on any lot created by the SDO.

Ed Trippe, president of Tucker’s Point, says: “As part of the Tucker’s Point development, we very much wanted to give something back to the island. The park maintenance programme, land donation and lake, along with our extensive reforestation programme, will ensure that the endemic species and natural beauty of Tucker’s Point is preserved for many generations.”

New residential building site coverage on the environmentally sensitive locations is far less than most of Tucker’s Point critics foresee and is estimated to be in the range 41,000 square feet (less than one acre) spread out and mitigated by a full 12-acre reforestation programme that will be implemented should the SDO be passed. The reforestation programme will include the planting and preservation of endemic, native and ornamental plants such as Cedars, Palmetto, fiddlewood and Olivewood on the development sites, along Castle Harbour Drive, on the golf course and on White Crest Hill (formerly the old water catchment). 

Mr. Trippe continues: “Before any building occurs, we will carry out a woodland vegetation assessment. All endemic, native and ornamental plants will be protected. We’ll also carry out a habitat survey that will identify the habitats that are contained on the site. It will also identify the presence of any rare plants or animals, or a special habitat feature, which we will protect through a Conservation Management Plan. Tucker’s Point has been planned with the greatest amount of respect for the land and the environment and we will continue with this approach.

“We carried out an Environmental Impact Study in 2002, which showed we can build while still preserving the caves. However, before we build we will hire a qualified cave survey specialist to update the study. If a risk of damaging the caves becomes apparent, we just won’t build in that area.”

From its beginnings Tucker’s Point has been conscious of the importance of protecting its environment – 240 acres of profound natural beauty and ecological importance. Stewardship measures have been in place since before Tucker’s Point first broke ground, and new initiatives continue to evolve as the resort strives to become the first green certified hotel on Bermuda.

Since the hotel’s opening in 2009, Tucker’s Point has been recognized within Bermuda and internationally for its commitment to sustainable development. Most recently, it has been nominated to receive the Green Globe Certificate – a credit to its ongoing commitment to maintaining a sustainable environmental. Currently underway are plans to implement a property-wide recycling and composting program, to eliminate the use of oil-based paints, and to introduce Bermuda’s first solar panel-charged golf carts.


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  1. Gary,
    Soon as I saw the two guests I said this is going to be very confrontational.So said so done,I don’t believe that one person so strong for and another so strong against should not have been on the show together. Thank you.

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