Tucker’s Point to Create Cedar Grove

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As part of its 12-acre reforestation programme, Tucker’s Point is to create a one-acre Cedar Grove on its property.

The area, located just off Tucker’s Point Drive, will be planted with hundreds of endemic Cedar trees. An area will be kept for guests that get married or honeymoon at the resort to plant a small Cedar tree in memory of their celebration, a Bermudian tradition. The plot of land is currently covered with Casuarinas and other invasive species.

Ed Trippe, president, Tucker’s Point, says: “The Bermuda Cedar has a lot of significance for Bermudians and we wanted to create a special grove on the island where Cedars can be propagated. We also wanted to create a special place at the resort where those that get married or honeymoon at Tucker’s Point can take part in a Bermudian tradition if they wish. We’re excited to be developing the grove later this year.”

From its beginnings Tucker’s Point has been conscious of the importance of protecting its environment – 240 acres of profound natural beauty and ecological importance. Stewardship measures have been in place since before Tucker’s Point first broke ground, and new initiatives continue to evolve as the resort strives to become the first green certified hotel on Bermuda.

A full 12-acre reforestation programme will be implemented should the SDO be passed. The reforestation programme will include the planting and preservation of endemic, native and ornamental plants such as Cedars, Palmetto, fiddlewood and Olivewood on the development sites, along Castle Harbour Drive, on the golf course and on White Crest Hill (formerly the old water catchment).

Since the hotel’s opening in 2009, Tucker’s Point has been recognized within Bermuda and internationally for its commitment to sustainable development. Most recently, it has been nominated to receive the Green Globe Certificate – a credit to its ongoing commitment to maintaining a sustainable environmental. Currently underway are plans to implement a property-wide recycling and composting program, to eliminate the use of oil-based paints, and to introduce Bermuda’s first solar panel-charged golf carts.

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