Argus Health Fair 2011 to be held on April 7

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  • Chance to win a Wii & Wii Fit and sign up for the new Argus Cookbook at the Argus booth

The Argus Group today announces that the seventh annual Argus Health Fair, in partnership with the Bermuda Hospitals Board and the Department of Health, will be held on Thursday, April 7, from 10:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on the 6th floor of the new Argus Building on Wesley Street, Hamilton. The event takes place on World Health Day during Bermuda’s Public Health Week.

There will be over 35 booths at the fair representing health-related charities and organisations. Health professionals will be on hand to answer questions and provide information to the public on a wide range of health topics, such as communicable diseases, oral health and maternal health. Free health screenings will be available, including blood pressure, blood sugar, bone density and vision. This year, the Bermuda Massage Therapy Association will also be offering free mini massages.

The theme for the Argus booth this year is “I love my Heart,” with a focus on raising awareness of heart health, educating the public on managing the risk factors of heart disease and identifying and incorporating ‘heart healthy’ foods into the family diet.

Visitors to the Argus booth will be able to sign up to receive the new Argus Cookbook. Subscribers will receive four healthy recipes to try at home and a new recipe each month by email. There will also be the opportunity to take part in a raffle at the Argus booth to win a Nintendo Wii game console and the Wii Fit software package. In addition, there will be a “Fit in Five Corner” next to the Argus booth giving visitors ideas on how to fill a spare five minutes productively with exercise.

Gerald Simons, President of the Argus Group, says: “Health insurance claims continue to rise year after year in Bermuda. The Argus Health Fair is designed to increase public understanding of health matters and raise awareness of the measures we can all take to improve our health. We chose heart health as the theme for the Argus booth as heart disease is the cause of nearly half the deaths in Bermuda each year, making it the island’s biggest killer.”

Gerald Simons, President, The Argus Group

Minister of Health, the Hon. Zane DeSilva, JP, MP, says: “The Argus Health Fair is an important community event and we are proud to be partnering with the Argus Group and the Bermuda Hospitals Board again this year to make it happen. I urge residents of all ages to attend and learn about how to maintain their physical and psychological well-being and in turn, improve their quality of life.”

David Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, says: “The overriding message of the Argus Health Fair this year is that preventative health care is vital and this is a view we fully endorse. We see the results every day of people failing to manage major health risk factors. We can all be doing more to look after ourselves better and education is a key part of this.”

Admission to the Argus Health Fair is free and all attendees will receive free fruit as well as a reusable shopping bag full of useful information regarding exercise and nutrition.

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