Turks & Caicos Islands: From paradise to apartheid

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Life in the Turks and Caicos Islands is a nightmare under British rule, writes one T.C.I. belonger.

By John Glasgow

EIGHTEEN months ago I was living in the Turks & Caicos Islands a beautiful paradise where the citizens were free and had every human right known to men.

People worked hard to support their families, children ate three meals a day and snacks in between. The sound of children’s laughter could be heard through the land.

Kids were happy and their only worry was “should I do my homework or tell the teacher the dog ate it”.

Families went to the beach for picnics and fun days, civil servants and private sector employees looked forward to going to work where they were treated like human beings and paid a fair wage.

While driving through neighborhoods one would see family pets soaking up the sun or chasing their tails in the front yards.

Civil servants were paid on time in accordance with General Orders thus allowing us to pay our bills on time.


Then I began to notice the arrival of several white men from the UK claiming that they were invited here as “Advisors” by the white governor who is also a UK citizen, these guys realized what a gem the TCI is and determined that we black folk were living above our means (how dare we do such a thing).

T.C.I. British Governor Gordon Wetherell

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye paradise was stolen and I was/am living in apartheid South Africa. Arh hell who am I kidding blacks in South Africa had more rights than we do here in TCI.

These white men immediately began stripping TC Islanders of every human right we are entitled to and previously enjoyed.

Then a pattern began to develop where senior civil servants were being placed on “Administrative Leave” and tons of white men from began to arrive to fill their posts. Salaries are paid late every month and banks started charging late fees.

Of course these “Advisors” had to be paid so civil servants salaries were cut by 10% to pay the invaders a “hardship allowance” who gets a hardship allowance to live in paradise? The Brits do!

The 10% salary cut was the beginning of our society decline from Upper Class into poverty. Most of us could no longer buy the basic food supplies to feed our children.  Suddenly the laughter was gone, their precious little faces no longer lighted up with joy and the light in their innocent beautiful eyes dimmed.

A map of Bermuda's sister territory, the Turks & Caicos Islands

Our kids are going to school hungry they are going to bed hungry, and I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for a parent to have a hungry child and no food to feed that child.

Kids don’t play outside anymore because their little bellies are empty and they don’t have energy and malnutrition is beginning to ravage their poor little bodies.

Parents have to make some hard choices feed the kids or buy school supplies so most of our kids attend school without the necessary tools for learning.

A hungry child without school supplies is at a disadvantage and their learning will be negatively impacted.

I have concluded that this is the desired result the Brits seek to achieve because an illiterate nation is a dependent nation and justifies the Brits remaining in control of the TCI.

Some family pets are so hungry that they caught their tails while playing chase and actually ate pieces of their own tails and needed medical attention.

When these issues are brought to the attention of Mark Capes, Caroline Gardner and the blithering idiot that is the governor they say their priority is to balance the budget and if our kids are collateral damage than so be it.

There are special reservations in Hell for Mark Capes, Caroline Gardner, the idiot governor, Steph Murray and the Judas Traitor Keith Ballamy.

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  1. What a pathetic article.

    Presume you were happy to be raped by Misick and his mates, whilst the children had their 3 meals a day?

    The Brits want control of TCI like I need a hole in the head. Never.

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