THIS IS WHY IT MATTERS: Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust Announces Capital Campaign

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Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust (BHCT), an independent and impartial non-profit organisation that leads fundraising and charitable giving for Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB), today announces the launch of Why It Matters, a three-year, $40 million capital campaign to provide the down payment for the $247 million King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) Redevelopment Project, and ultimately provide an outstanding patient experience in a state-of-the-art hospital.

At a morning news conference, BHCT Chairman, Philip Butterfield, noted that BHCT has already reached $17 million dollars, nearly half the campaign goal.

“The generosity of our first donors shows confidence not only in the KEMH Redevelopment Project but also in BHCT ’s commitment to philanthropic leadership on issues affecting patient care at our hospitals,” said Mr. Butterfield. “That confidence and the realisation of the pressing need to revitalise Bermuda’s hospital care remains true regardless of the economy.”

The Bank of Bermuda Foundation and Barbour Butterfield Holding Limited stand alongside Philip Butterfield as lead donors of the Why It Matters $40 million campaign.

“Bank of Bermuda Foundation is a proud partner of Bermuda Hospitals Board and Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust,” said David Hamshere, Deputy Chairman of Bank of Bermuda Foundation. “Our only hospital matters because it is a vital community resource that each resident and visitor depends on and is thus worthy of support by everyone. As a leading local donor, Bank of Bermuda Foundation is pleased to be able to make a substantial contribution to the campaign for our new acute care hospital.”

Jim Butterfield, Chairman/CEO/President, Butterfield & Vallis added, “Butterfield & Vallis, through its parent holding company is pleased to be a lead donor in this campaign. Having quality hospital care available, right here in Bermuda for the entire community is vital, so this gift is given and endorsed by all at Butterfield and Vallis. We are happy to take our place alongside other local companies in making a difference in the future of our island’s healthcare.”

Mr. Butterfield also outlined the ambitious plans for BHCT to inspire the community to give despite launching the campaign in these tough economic times.

Over the next few years, BHCT will reach out to local and international companies, organisations, associations, families and individuals to generate enthusiasm and donations toward our future hospital care. In addition, Why It Matters will be engaging with the community more directly through a new website and participation at community events and public engagements.

“Healthcare is something that touches every person. KEMH is our only hospital and therefore, we want as many people as possible to be involved.” said Mr. Butterfield.

The new hospital will provide a better patient experience in a state-of-the art building with green, sustainable elements that has the potential for medical tourism. With 90 single-patient rooms, a new emergency department, diagnostic imaging, ambulatory care services, same-day surgery and dialysis, the new hospital will be focused to better-address Bermuda’s health issues.

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