Marsh Plants Bermuda Cedars for Earth Day

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From left: Jennifer Gray, Executive Director of the Bermuda National Trust; Sandra Richards-Vance, Vice President, Bowring Marsh (Bermuda) Ltd. and head of the company’s Green Team

Bowring Marsh has planted five Bermuda Cedar trees at Jack’s Pond in the Tivoli Nature Reserve South in Warwick in honour of Earth Day 2011. Maintained by the Bermuda National Trust (BNT), the nature reserve and pond serves as a green oasis for wildlife that the surrounding community can appreciate and access.

“In recognition of Earth Day, Bowring Marsh is proud to give back to Bermuda something that can be enjoyed for years to come,” said Sandra Richards-Vance, Vice President, Bowring Marsh (Bermuda) Ltd. and head of the company’s Green Team. “We felt planting Bermuda Cedar trees was the perfect way to help in conservation efforts while enhancing the beauty of this island that we all enjoy.”

The Bermuda Cedar is one of three main species of trees in Bermuda. The Bermuda Cedar forest is vitally important to the natural history of Bermuda and the early human history of the island.

“The planting of Bermuda Cedar trees in the Tivoli Nature Reserve will help with the ongoing conservation management of the area and eventually create a shaded glen by the pond’s edge,” said Jennifer Gray, Executive Director of the BNT. “We are very happy to welcome corporate partnerships on our open spaces and look forward to working with Marsh again in the future.”

The trees were planted in the Tivoli Nature Reserve South, part of the 11.28 acre Higgs Nature Reserve left to the Trust by the late Gloria Higgs in 1984. Jack’s Pond was created in 2005 and is named in memory of Sir John Sharpe, former Premier of Bermuda.

The Bermuda National Trust was established to protect and promote Bermuda’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

“In helping to repopulate Bermuda Cedars, we are providing food and habitat for the wildlife in the reserve for generations to come,” said Chris Reeves, a Managing Director at Marsh and President and Chief Operating Officer of Bowring Marsh (Bermuda) Ltd. “Every little bit helps and we hope our efforts will inspire others to get involved in restoring Bermuda’s natural biodiversity.”

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