AES completes Bermuda’s first-ever commercial solar energy system

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(Hamilton, Bermuda, May 19, 2011) – Local company Alternative Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. (AES) today announces it has completed Bermuda’s first commercial installation of a photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system for Lindo’s Market in Devonshire. This system will produce approximately 11,340 kilowatts
of energy per month, enough to handle between 40 and 60 per cent of Lindo’s
load requirements at any given time.

“It’s extremely gratifying to bring solar energy to Bermuda’s commercial market,” said AES founder and CEO, Tim Madeiros. “I commend Lindo’s Group of Companies for continuing to be an environmental leader in our community and I am grateful to the Bermuda Government for their support in raising awareness of solar energy in Bermuda.”

In one year, Lindo’s solar energy system will produce more than 136,000 kilowatts
of power, which equals a 211,000-pound reduction in dangerous CO2 emissions.
This reduction in CO2 is equivalent to planting 2,300 trees or not driving 209,000
miles in a standard car.

As with most buildings in Bermuda, it was important for Lindo’s to have easy access to their roof surface once the 300 solar panels were installed. Thus, AES designed the solar array so they can tilt up, in separate four-panel sections, without interrupting the supply of solar power. The panels in the forward tilt position allow uninhibited access to the roof for easy inspection and painting. This is an exclusive feature provided by AES.

“We worked diligently with our solar panel vendor, SunPower, to provide a customised solution for this project,” said AES founder and CEO, Tim Madeiros, “We chose SunPower panels because of their patented technology that  provides up to 50 per cent more power than conventional panels, thus maximizing energy

A system such as the one installed at Lindo’s, requires specialized electrical engineering to factor in the high DC current and voltages that are inherent in a large-scale commercial solar system. Mr. Madeiros, who is a Chartered Engineer with the UK Council of Engineering, was able to draw on his extensive knowledge and experience in the electrical and solar industries to design the system to meet the stringent requirements. The system employs all of the specialized equipment and protective devices to tie safely and efficiently into the store’s electrical system and, ultimately, into the utility grid.

“This is just one of the green initiatives that Lindos Group of Companies has implemented,” said Giorgio Zanol, President of Lindo’s Group of Companies. “Not only will this solar energy system provide cost savings on energy for us, but it’s a step toward helping the environment – one that we hope other companies will also be inspired to take.”

AES, named in 2011 by Bermudian Business as the “One to Watch” for innovation and forward thinking in the solar energy market, manages all aspects of a photovoltaic project in-house to ensure a cost-effective and seamless solution for its clients. In addition to Mr. Madeiros, the AES team is comprised of Project Manager Earl Wescom and Technician Armindo Ferreira. AES offers a free site evaluation and financial analysis to residents and businesses. To book this service, please call 505-0804, email: or visit AES online at


Notes to Editors

Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. has been a partner in Bermuda’s new energy
economy since February 2008. AES is the recognized industry leader with 75kW of
installed residential systems, and 70kW of commercial. AES provides a seamless
service and prides itself on delivering the highest levels of customer service
and satisfaction on the island.


The company was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Tim Madeiros, who has 23 years experience in the energy
industry and previously worked for BELCO. Tim is a Chartered Engineer
with the U.K. Council of Engineering and registered in Bermuda with the Bermuda
Association of Professional Engineers.

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