Editorial: Bermuda Sun hypocrisy

Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Opinion | 4 comments

By Elin Simmons-Francis

THE  Royal Gazette and the Bermuda Sun have today carried two news stories from Magistrates’ Court in which a local media outlet was hit with fines for identifying defendants accused of sexual crimes in two separate incidents.  

The Royal Gazette’s story, which is published online, is more fair and straightforward. However, the same cannot be said about the Bermuda Sun’s online article.

Sun reporter Mikaela Ian Pearman outright fails to mention how the Sun allegedly breached the same law the other media outlet admitted to, and how the Sun recently ran a court story in which a Filipino national allegedly sexually assaulted some one on a cruise ship —  AND THE SUN PUBLISHED THE DEFENDANT’S FULL NAME — a clear violation of Bermuda’s criminal code. The web site cruiselawnews documents this here and claims the Sun  retracted the offending material very quickly (nice try guys).

With Ms Pearman’s report on today’s court proceedings, one would have expected a note how the Sun supposedly breached the same reporting law.

I should be clear to mention that no charges, perhaps oddly, were  filed against the Bermuda Sun.

The bottom line: If the Bermuda Sun truly is a “friend to the community” then they must be absolutely fair and honest… honest not just about information on others, but honest about themselves.

It’s a case of hypocrisy plain to see.


Bermuda Wired is not affiliated with the cruiselawnews web site and we therefore have no control over what they publish and do not necessarily endorse their site. Also, BermudaWired is not affiliated with the Bermuda Broadcasting Company Ltd.

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  1. None of this comes as a surprise to me. You lot do what you want when it comes to people’s information.

  2. Who the cap fit Let them wear it.

  3. The hell with what the law says… BBC are heroes for publishing the names. Too many perverts are being allowed to hide behind outdated laws that shield THEM!
    Go BBC!

  4. BBC we are so proud of you,it is time to take a stand and you did it.and congrats to David Lopes and Gary Moreno for the golden awards, I think Gary has one it for years…and it so great that Ceola is a part of the team.

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