Set the journalists free

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WORD today that the prestigious UK News of the World newspaper will shut down on Sunday, is regretful and worrying.

The paper’s owner,  News International Ltd.,  made the shocking call after details of phone hacking by the weekly title were publicized this week leading to the outrage of the British public.

While the claims of hacking are indeed disturbing, they have yet to be proven and appear to be part of a gross exaggeration by some. And at this point it is hard to identify who the victims truly are.

Worse, no one’s said anything as to what will happen to the 200 journalists employed by the News of the World that are now out of jobs.

The British public, like any other, knows that everything in life has a cost.

The information they and others around the world so unreservedly consumed, relied on and were entertained by for so many years, is no different.

Of course respect and sympathy is due to the real victims of the phone hacking, especially to the family of 13-year-old Milly Dowler whose phone was allegedly compromised too.

Elsewhere, journalists arrested and criminally charged because of the fallout investigation should not be charged wantonly and released from custody forthwith if confined.

No matter what they say, that paper has done some good things and practiced, in the past, good journalism.

This too shall pass.

R.I.P. News of the World.



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