Teenager not guilty of armed burglary

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A JURY today acquitted Leo Burgess, 17, on the charge of aggravated burglary of the Southampton home of Greg Wilson and on the charge of unlawful firearm possession by a minor.

Set free: Leo Burgess

ZBM News reports tonight that out of the 12 jurors, nine voted to acquit while three dissented. Burgess, of Cambridge Road, walked from court a free man following the decision. He was in the company of family and friends, some of whom had been crying hysterically in court during the verdicts.

The Crown had accused Burgess of holding Mr. Wilson at gunpoint after Burgess and three other young men allegedly broke in. The culprits made off with $65,000 worth of jewelry.

The jury’s decision came despite Burgess’ DNA being linked to the crime scene. No word yet on whether or not the Crown intends to appeal.

The date of the incident is December 6, 2010.

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