Research confirms over twice as many unmarked scooters are stolen

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Recently released statistics by the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) show that motorcycles are twice as likely to be stolen if they are not protected by an approved
identification marking system.  These findings come after a concerted campaign by the BPS to reduce motorcycle and scooter crime on the Island and key to this has been the use of new state of the art identification technologies from Datatag.


Datatag was introduced to Bermuda in 2005 to help the BPS with its long term programme of motorcycle and scooter crime prevention and is a multi layered overt and covert marking system.  Originally developed by the UK Motorcycle Industry 20 years ago to help cut the spiralling rate of motorcycle crime there, it achieved significant success in both prevention and prosecution. Research conducted by the MCIA confirmed that a machine was approximately five times more likely to be stolen in the UK if not protected by a marking system like Datatag.


Datatag technology make your machine “too hot to handle” and introduces a ‘hassle’ factor to would be thieves and also the virtually impossible task of locating and removing every single identification mark without damaging the property. It offers the BPS a level of identification not previously available as only one element of the Datatag technology needs to be found in order to confirm the identity of the real keeper and owner. If identified as stolen the BPS can, with 100% confidence, prosecute.


‘The Bermuda Police Service supports the use of technology to reduce crime and
Datatag has donated their expert advice and high-tech equipment to help in this
battle,” says  Paul Wright MSc. FCM. CBII, Assistant Commissioner of Police Operations. “We will deploy Datatag technology to combat motorcycle and scooter theft and part theft and we will continue to use that technology to assist with subsequent prosecutions.”


One of the keys to the success of Datatag is volume marking. The BPS has seen steady growth in Datatag marked bikes over the last six years and now, in 2011, over half of all bikes on Bermuda are protected and registered with Datatag. As a result not only has motorcycle & scooter crime on Bermuda fallen by 20 per cent since its introduction but current crime statistics show that over twice as many unmarked bikes are stolen than ones that are protected by Datatag.


The concept of Datatag is simple but the technology behind it state of the art. Multi layered identification technologies permanently mark any vehicle or property making identification simple for the authorities. Its’ electronic and forensic technologies help the BPS fight motorcycle crime and for bike and scooter application only costs the equivalent of roughly $30 a year over the life of the average bike.
In 2010, Datatag enhanced the Bermuda system by introducing an all new “stealth” numbering system. This enables the motorcycle or scooter to have a unique number
permanently etched into the plastic panels and wheels etc but it is virtually invisible to see and does not spoil the aesthetics or look of the machine. These unique numbers can easily be read by the BPS using the equipment supplied by Datatag and allows the BPS to identify any stolen property quickly. Since its introduction last year, over 2,000 bikes have now been protected with this new system.


Datatag is currently exploring the possibility of introducing the same technology for a
‘Home Marking Kit’ so that personal property and valuables such laptops, tablet
PC’s, phones and TV’s etc can be easily marked and identified if stolen.


This gives the BPS a sustainable and workable anti theft deterrent to help them cut
this very expensive criminal activity that costs both the BPS and the insurance
companies a considerable amount of time and money not forgetting the aggravation, inconvenience, costs and other and problems faced by the victims of bike theft.


Kevin Howells, Managing Director of Datatag, said: “Datatag is committed to helping the BPS with our support and is confident that its expertise will continue to help
to drive down motorcycle and scooter crime. We have seen significant success in
other markets and look forward to seeing those repeated here in Bermuda.”


Now the market leader in the UK and in Europe, Datatag technology has been applied
not only to motorcycles but also to agricultural and construction equipment with considerable interest being shown in various markets within the USA. With its ongoing development and secure data access Datatag has been awarded the status of a ‘Secure by Design’ accredited company. This accreditation, one of the highest awarded to a security product or company, is recognised and supported by the UK Home Office and Association of Chief Police Officers.


Information relating to Datatag and its services can be found on its official web site and (the official security and registration scheme for construction and agricultural machinery).

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