A-rated school may be X-rated after hours

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By QMI Agency

A Florida school may be going from glee club by day to nightclub after dark.

The Balere Language Academy in Miami — a charter school for kindergarten through Grade 8 with an A rating from Florida’s education department — is the address noted on flyers advertising the “Push It To Da Limit” party supposed to take place Saturday, reports the Orlando Sentinel. And it’s not the first after-hours party believed to have been held there.

School children

Parents, tipped off by empty beer bottles and the lingering smell of smoke at their children’s school, started complaining to the school district last week, the report says.

They had also noticed the racy flyers featuring a scantily clad woman and a man sitting on a huge pile of money.

The Miami-Dade County School District wrote the academy, reminding the board the property is zoned for a school, not a nightclub.

Balere’s lawyer, Marlon Hill, told the paper the school is investigating.

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