Troncossi Public Relations to provide public relations support to KRyS Global

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(Hamilton, Bermuda, September 29, 2011) – Troncossi Public Relations (Troncossi),
Bermuda’s most established public relations consultancy, today announces it has
been selected by KRyS Global to provide public relations support to the firm’s
Bermuda office.


KRyS Global is a professional services firm that provides solutions to complex cross-border issues in the areas of corporate recovery, insolvency, forensic accounting and
business advisory services.  KRyS Global has over 40 professionals working out of offices in the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Bermuda. Troncossi will work with KRyS Global to communicate their unique position as a non-conflicted, independent firm and highlight the expertise and background of the firm’s Bermuda team.
Troncossi will assist KRyS Global with strategic communications and a targeted
media relations programme.


Brian Patterson, President of the Bermuda Office of KRyS Global, says: “Having recently opened our office here in Bermuda, we need to communicate our service offerings to a number of audiences. Just as we are experts in what we do, the team at
Troncossi is expert in communications and we look forward to working with them
to get our message out to the Bermuda business community.”


Elizabeth Tee, Managing Director, Troncossi Public Relations, says: “KRyS Global is an independent, nimble professional services firm with a unique story to tell. Their
strong team of professionals – both locally and throughout their global operations – provide a compelling alternative to the large professional services firms available in the Bermuda market. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with KRyS Global on their communications needs.”


KRyS Global’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Krys, has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with complex international assignments in the Cayman
Islands and British Virgin Islands. The firm’s Bermuda office opened in 2010 and provides a local team of independent and experienced professionals with practical expertise and global experience, who can capitalise on the support of the firm’s global team. KRyS Global does not conduct audit and advisory services, so there is no risk of a potential conflict of interest as there could be with other firms offering similar services. Their team of experts includes professional accountants, lawyers, certified fraud examiners and certified anti-money laundering specialists.


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